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Air purifier with HEPA filter - 6 filtering stages

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State-of-the-art air purifier with 6 stages of filtration and IQ technology of air quality sensor. It has 4 advanced stages of filtration (Pre-filter / HEPA Filter 13 with Ag + Cu + / Cold Catalyst / Activated Carbon Filter), ultraviolet lamp C (254nm) and anion generator. This device purifies and filters the air in indoor spaces, eliminating pollutants such as viruses and bacteria of all types, mites, bad odors and pollens, chemicals, toxins or microbes. Its advanced filters (HEPA 13 / Ag + / Cu +) absorb 99.97% of the particles (as small as 0.3 microns). High performance air purifier recommended for indoors. Minimizes the spread of disease through the air and is ideal for respiratory diseases (allergies, asthma ...) 

Face masks FFP2 Black - 95% filtration - CE0161

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Face masks FFP2 Black self-filtering mask with 5 high-efficiency layers available in batches from 10 to 300 units. They retain at least 95% of incoming and outgoing contaminants and bioaerosols. The black FFP2 masks Galmask are manufactured in Spain and have European approval. These approved Black FFP2 masks are especially recommended for professionals, vulnerable groups or people who want to obtain the highest protection in spaces with little ventilation or very crowded with people. Galmask FFP2 type masks significantly reduce the risk of exposure to solid and liquid environmental aerosols or close contact with possible asymptomatic or positive people for biologically transmitted diseases. Graphene free product. Includes a clip for head attachment. CE 0161 notified body.

Face masks FFP2 Galmask - 95% filtration - CE0161 - Packs

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Galmask FFP2 face masks high efficiency 5-layer self-filtering available in batches from 10 to 500 units. They retain at least 95% of incoming and outgoing contaminants and bioaerosols. Galmask masks of the FFP2 type are manufactured in Spain and have European approval. The use of these FFP2 masks is recommended especially for professionals, vulnerable groups or people who want the highest protection in closed spaces against the risk of exposure to aerosols or close contact with possible asymptomatic or positive people for biologically transmitted diseases. Graphene-free product. Includes a clip for head attachment. Notified body CE 0161.

Face masks First Protect - 95% filtration - CE certified - Boxes

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Adult face mask made in Europe, category FFP2 with a 95% minimum filtration of outlet and inlet. Available in batches from 10 to 500 units. Effective against viruses, bacteria and fungus spores present in the air, it also prevents us from inhaling toxic octopus fluids, aerosols and humus. The First Protec FFP2 masks is recommended to achieve greater individual protection against possible infections caused by biologically transmitted diseases, especially indoors. Original CE marked con. Notified body CE 0099. Product manufactured in Spain.

Filter for UV Air purifier

Replacement of total filter plus 360º composed of a triple phase filter system. It has a pre-filter to remove dust, hair and pollen. An activated carbon filter to filter gases, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a high performance HEPA filter to retain small, finer particles. This filter allows to trap 99.99% of harmful particles and prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria through the air, protecting against infections.


HEPA air purifier - UVC and Ozone - 8 filtration steps

HEPA air purifier with 8 stages of filtration, IQ air quality sensor technology and programmable touch screen with remote control. It has a 3-filter cartridge (antibacterial pre-filter / HEPA 13 filter / Carbon filter), an independent active carbon filter and another cold photocatalytic filter. It is also equipped with an optional internal type C UV lamp (254nm), optional negative ion generation and an optional 500 mg/h ozone generator. Its filters remove up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and it is an essential device to use indoors to prevent airborne infections of all types of bacteria or viruses, such as the SARS-COV 2 coronavirus.
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Home ozone machine - 600 mg/h

Ozone generator that emits 600 mg/h of ozone with manual programming up to 60'. Multifunctional for air and water with emission of anions. Purifies water, removes odors and all kinds of bacteria, viruses and pathogens from the air and surfaces.
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Hydrogenated Water Generator

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Electrolytic hydrogen generator with a capacity of 2 liters that brings great benefits to our health by eliminating the free radicals present in our cells, reducing cellular oxidation and consequently premature aging. The hydrogenated water generator has 4 hydrogenation functions, an automatic cleaning function and another to magnetize the water, thus improving its properties. It ensures that the hydrogen stays in the bottle for up to 72 hours. It has a mineralizing particle filter with natural stones that help regulate the PH of the water.
The formation of hydrogen is due to an electrolysis in water that allows to form negatively charged tonic hydrogen groups that inhibit this oxidation.

Mini ozone generator

Small ozone generator of 5 mg/h with 2 modes of operation. In Mode 1, we offer 30 minutes of continuous operation and in Mode 2, we work in 8-hour cycles with 2-minute stops every 10 minutes of work. Because of its small size it is perfect to carry in the pocket in different situations and to be used in coaches, small baths, zapateros, on the night table or any other place of reduced size that you want to disinfect or deodorize.

Ozone diffuser stones and flexible silicone tubes

Las Ozone diffuser stones are an essential accessory to obtain the maximum performance of a multifunctional ozone generator. This product is made up of 2 flexible silicone tubes and 2 diffuser stones, one gray for water and the other white conical for oil and creams. With the use of these porous or volcanic stones we can use the ozone generated in the machine to disperse it in the water and thus obtain a series of important benefits for our health such as the purification of the water or the sanitization and disinfection of the food. Other treatments of note with the use of ozone diffusing stones are related to sterilization of multiple objects and utensils, to care with personal hygiene or to healing of injuries and / or bodily injuries.

Ozone generator - Air purifier

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Ozone generator with HEPA filter for air and water that emits 600mg/h of ozone and anions. It has a high-efficiency HEPA H13 filter with 4 filtering stages that together with the ozone lamp is capable of eliminating up to 99.99% of harmful pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mites, fungi, microbes, prions or spores. Another outstanding application is the elimination of unpleasant odors without fragrances in a natural way, generating a fresh and clean environment. It also has a remote control for comfortable operation, 4 time modes and 3 power programs.

Ozone generator - with remote control - 400 mg/h

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Ozonator with 400 mg/h emission with 12 programs for ozone time (from 5´ to 60 ') with remote control. It also has a programmable anion emission function from 30 'to 24h. Purifies and disinfects naturally due to its germicidal power.