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Smart Bracelet - Fitness Tracker

Advanced technology health bracelet that allows constant monitoring of the user's health status. This smart wristband has an illuminated touch screen to easily control the large number of functions available. Clock, pedometer or step counter, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, oximeter, sleep monitoring, calories consumed and distance traveled and sedentary or inactivity notifications, alarm, remote photo taking, etc. The Eno3 smartband also offers us information on the screen of social networks, messages and calls, thus making it one of the best fitness tracker quality-price. Waterproof. Compatible with Android and iOS operating system. 0.96” AMOLED screen.

Face masks FFP2 Black - 95% filtration - CE0161

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Face masks FFP2 Black self-filtering mask with 5 high-efficiency layers available in batches from 10 to 300 units. They retain at least 95% of incoming and outgoing contaminants and bioaerosols. The black FFP2 masks Galmask are manufactured in Spain and have European approval. These approved Black FFP2 masks are especially recommended for professionals, vulnerable groups or people who want to obtain the highest protection in spaces with little ventilation or very crowded with people. Galmask FFP2 type masks significantly reduce the risk of exposure to solid and liquid environmental aerosols or close contact with possible asymptomatic or positive people for biologically transmitted diseases. Graphene free product. Includes a clip for head attachment. CE 0161 notified body.