Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Product Prices

All the prices shown in the list of our products include VAT in the countries where it is applicable and are valid except transcription errors or computer problems. However, these prices do not include shipping costs for the Products. These are detailed in the payment process and must be accepted by the User at the time of the order request. The Products will be invoiced at the price in effect at the time the order is registered.

In relation to Value Added Tax, as a general rule the tax rate of 21% will be applied for the territory of the European Union where this tax is applicable. All companies belonging to countries of the European Union that have an intra-community CIF will be exempt from paying this tax, with the exception of Spain. In the sale to any other country in the world, VAT will not be charged, however the customs systems of each country will apply the corresponding tax charges, which must be paid at the destination by the recipient of the merchandise.

Due to their special tax regime, the geographical areas corresponding to the Canary Islands, Gibraltar, Andorra, Ceuta and Melilla are considered non-EU territories. Therefore, purchases made by residents of these territories are exempt from paying VAT (customs clearance costs and import taxes are not included in the price of the item or shipping, and must be paid at destination. by the recipient of the merchandise).

The prices in dollars or other foreign currencies that are shown on the Web are indicative and result from applying the daily exchange rate of the dollar with respect to the Euro, hence the possible fluctuations in prices.

The prices exposed in especialistasenozono.com may be reviewed and modified if the conditions require it at any time.

Purchase of Products and formalization of orders

The purchase of Products by the User through the Website is carried out following the procedure established in the order section.

Especialistasenozono.com will send an email acknowledgment of receipt and confirmation of the purchase made to the User's email, within twenty-four (24) hours after receiving the order from the Customer. The order of Products and, therefore, the contract will be understood as formalized and perfected at the moment DAIE receives payment of the price.

Payment of Products

The payment of the price and the shipping costs of the Products purchased through the Website is made at the time of sending to the Customer's email by Especialistasenozono.com an email acknowledging receipt and confirmation of the purchase done.

The proof of purchase corresponding to the order of Products will be available and can be viewed in the "My account" section. From this section, the Customer can also download the order invoice. The Client must make the payment by credit or debit card Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Electron and / or other similar cards, through the PayPal system or by bank transfer. 

The Client must notify Especialistasenozono.com, via email, of any undue or fraudulent charge on the card used for purchases on the Website, in the shortest period of time possible, in order for DAIE to carry out the procedures that consider convenient.

DAIE has the maximum commercially available security measures in the sector. Likewise, the payment process works on a secure server using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using 128-bit algorithms, which ensure that it is only intelligible for the Client's computer and that of the Website. In this way, using the SSL protocol guarantees:

(i) That the Client is communicating their data to DAIE's server center and not to any other.

(ii) That between the Client and the DAIE server center, the data is transmitted encrypted, avoiding its possible reading or manipulation by third parties.

Likewise, DAIE states that it does not have access to or store sensitive data related to the means of payment used by the Client. Only the corresponding payment processing entity has access to this data for the management of payments and collections. Once the purchase process is completed, an electronic document is generated in which the contract is formalized and that the Customer can print and which is filed in the "My account" section.

For its part, DAIE, ensuring the security of its Clients and the transactions they carry out through the Especialistasenozono.com Website, informs its Users that it has implemented a policy for the detection of possible fraudulent operations, therefore DAIE reserves the right to request additional information, confirmations and / or documents from Users, even after having made one or more purchases through the Website, by phone call or email addressed to the number or account provided by the User. Client, in order to confirm that the Client has actually made and authorized said purchase (s) and / or that the delivery or return thereof had been carried out correctly and thus definitively authorize the transaction (s) ( es) respective (s), within which, but not limited to, DAIE may make various verifications by telephone on the identity of the Client, or, s request:

(a) a written confirmation and authorization signed by the User responsible for the respective purchase (s);

(b) copy of the valid official identification and photograph of the User to confirm their identity.

DAIE undertakes to protect said information and documents with the highest security measures at its disposal, in terms of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law in force.

In the event that the User / Client does not respond favorably or does not deliver the requested documentation and information to DAIE within 48 hours from the call or the sending of the email, the detailed transaction (s) ( s) in said communication and the respective order (s) may be canceled automatically, without the need for further notice, or responsibility for DAIE for the Client's safety, and DAIE will proceed with the refund automatic of the amount (s) paid (s) by the Customer regarding said purchase (s).

This procedure is for the safety of the Clients of Especialistasenozono.com and therefore, the Client, by accepting these Conditions of Use and Sale, agrees to submit to the procedure for detecting possible fraudulent operations referred to above, without responsibility for DAIE and in the same way authorizes DAIE so that, once the Client provides the aforementioned additional information and documents, they may be used for future transactions that the Client carries out.

Cancellation and extension of orders

To cancel or extend the order, the Client must follow the procedure established in the "My account" section. Requests for cancellation or extension of orders via email will not be accepted. DAIE reserves the right to cancel orders in the cases and in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated in the "Payment of Products" section of these Conditions of Use and Sale.

Intellectual and industrial property

The Especialistasenozono.com website is a domain registered by Don Arturo Import-Export, S.L. This domain and the "Ozone Specialists" brand may not be used, except with the express written authorization of DAIE, in connection with other Products or Services that are not those of Don Arturo Import-Export, S.L. in any way that may cause confusion among our clients or discredit DAIE.

DAIE holds all the rights over the content, design and source code of the Website and, especially, with an enunciative but not limiting nature, over the photographs, images, texts, logos, designs, trademarks, trade names and data that are included in the website.

Likewise, and without prejudice to the foregoing, the content of this Website is also considered a computer program, and therefore, all current Spanish and European Community regulations on the matter are also applicable.

The total or partial reproduction of this Website, not even through a hyperlink, or any of its contents, without the express prior written authorization of DAIE is expressly prohibited.

Likewise, the copying, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, commercialization, public communication and / or any other action that involves an infringement of current Spanish and / or international regulations on intellectual and / or industrial property, as well as the use of the contents of the web if it is not with the express prior written authorization of DAIE.

DAIE informs that it does not grant any express or implicit license or authorization whatsoever on intellectual and / or industrial property rights or on any other right or property related, directly or indirectly, to the contents included in the Website.

Responsibility of DAIE

Notwithstanding the provisions of the applicable regulations, DAIE's liability in relation to the Products purchased through the Website will be limited to the purchase price of said Products.

DAIE does not assume any derivative responsibility, by way of example but not limited to:

a) Of the use that the Client or Users may make of the materials of the Website or link websites, whether prohibited or permitted, in violation of the intellectual and / or industrial property rights of the contents of the website or of third parties.

b) Of any damages and losses caused to Clients or Users as a result of normal or abnormal operation of the search tools, of the organization or location of the contents and / or access to the Website and, in general, of the errors or problems that are generated in the development or instrumentation of the technical elements that the Website or a program provides to the Client or User.

c) Of the contents of those pages that Clients or Users can access from links included in the Website, whether authorized or not.

d) Of the acts or omissions of third parties, regardless of whether these third parties could be linked to DAIE through contractual means.

e) The access of minors to the contents included in the web, being the responsibility of their parents or guardians to exercise adequate control over the activity of the children or minors in their care or to install any of the tools to control the use of Internet in order to prevent access to materials or content not suitable for minors, as well as the sending of personal data without the prior authorization of their parents or guardians.

f) Of errors or delays in accessing the Website by the User when entering their data in the Order Form, the slowness or impossibility of receipt by the recipients of the order confirmation or any anomaly that may arise when these incidents are due to problems in the Internet network, acts of God or force majeure and any other unforeseeable contingency beyond the good faith of DAIE.

g) Of failures or incidents that may occur in communications, deletion or incomplete transmissions, so that it is not guaranteed that the Website is constantly operational.

h) Of the errors or damages produced to the Website due to inefficient use and bad faith by the Client or User.

i) Of the non-operability or problems in the email address provided by the User to send the order confirmation.

DAIE is committed to solving the problems that may arise and to offer all the necessary support to the Client in order to reach a quick and satisfactory solution to the incidents that may arise on the Website.

Likewise, DAIE has the right to carry out, during defined time intervals, promotional campaigns to promote the registration of new members in its service. DAIE reserves the right, always in compliance with the applicable regulations, to modify the conditions of application of the promotions, extend them by duly communicating it, or proceed to the exclusion of any of the participants of the promotion in the event of detecting any anomaly, abuse or unethical behavior in their participation (such as massive purchases, commercial activities, fraudulent activity, among others).

Partial nullity

In the event that any Clause of these Conditions of Use and Sale is declared void, the other Clauses will remain in force and will be interpreted taking into account the will of the parties and the purpose of said Conditions of Use and Sale.

The non-exercise by DAIE of any right derived from these Conditions of Use and Sale shall not be construed as a waiver of said right, unless expressly waived in writing by DAIE or prescription of the action that corresponds in each case.

Modification of the Conditions of Use and Sale

DAIE reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as the Conditions of Use and Sale and Privacy Policy. Clients and Users will always have these Conditions of Use and Sale in a visible place, freely accessible for any queries they want to make. Clients and Users must carefully read these Conditions of Use and Sale each time they access the Website. In any case, the acceptance of the Conditions of Use and Sale, in force at all times, will be a prior and indispensable step to the contracting of any Product or Service available through the Website, so that the modifications that DAIE may introduce, They will not apply if they have not been previously accepted by the Client.

Communications between DAIE and the Client

All communications between DAIE and the client regarding these Conditions of Use and Sale or the acquisition of Products and Services through the Website, will be made in writing through the contact us section, and in accordance with the communication procedures established in these Conditions of Use and Sale for each particular case.

In addition to the DAIE section, it also makes the email of info@especialistasenozono.com available to the user / client.

For the rest of the cases that are not expressly regulated in these Conditions of Use and Sale, the communications that the user / client intends to send to DAIE will be directed to the DAIE address and will be made in writing and through a system that allows the content to be accredited and the receipt by DAIE of the corresponding communication.

Integrity of the Conditions of Use and Sale

These Conditions of Use and Sale and the contract that documents the acquisition by the user of the Products constitute the express and sole will of DAIE and the user in relation to its object and invalidates and replaces any other agreements or contracts, verbal or by written, reached by the parties previously. Any modification of these Conditions of Use and Sale or of the contract that documents the acquisition of the Products must be made in writing and by mutual agreement between DAIE and the user / client.

Transfer of rights and obligations

Both DAIE and the Client may freely assign and / or transmit, at any time and in accordance with the applicable regulations, the rights and obligations relating to these Conditions of Use and Sale or the acquisition of Products and / or Services through the Site Web. The party that has assigned its rights is obliged to notify the other party, providing the identity of the person / entity to whom the aforementioned rights and obligations were assigned. Said notification must be in writing and by a means that ensures receipt thereof.

Data Protection

In order to guarantee and protect the privacy and confidentiality of the personal data of the Users of our website and in order to protect their intimacy and privacy, we have drawn up, in accordance with current legislation, the Privacy Policy .

The terms contained in it and especially the duty of confidentiality will be mandatory for all internal or external personnel who work or may work with us and who have access to the data you provide us, either while browsing our website. , by the use of our forms or during the contracting or provision of services.

We reserve the right to modify the content of this Privacy Policy, in order to adapt it to new legislation or jurisprudence, as well as to the reports or opinions issued by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection or the Article Working Group. 29.

In the event that we are going to use the personal data of Users, Potential Clients or Clients, in a way other than what is established in the Privacy Policy in force at the time the data is provided; or in the event that we are going to treat them for purposes other than those indicated at the time you provide us with your data, we will make every effort to contact you as affected, to inform you and obtain consent again. Otherwise, we will not use the data for different purposes.

We advise Users that, each time they access our website, they review this text to ensure the purposes and uses that we can make of their data.

The Privacy Policy will be part of and will be permanently linked to the provisions of our Legal Notice, the Legal Conditions of the contracted service and our Cookies Policy.

At all times we will indicate the date of the last update of the Privacy Policy so that Users know the effective content that applies to them and the date of the last revision.

DAIE states that this Privacy Policy is adapted to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and to the free circulation of these data (hereinafter RGPD).


DAIE will facilitate the use of personal passwords to the user who registers as such on the website. Said passwords will be used to access the services provided through the Website. The user must keep the passwords under her sole responsibility in the strictest and absolute confidentiality, assuming, therefore, any damages or consequences of any kind arising from the breach or disclosure of the secret. For security reasons, the password for telematic access to the services linked to the Website may be modified at any time by the user. The User undertakes to notify DAIE immediately of any unauthorized use of her password, as well as access by unauthorized third parties to it.


DAIE uses cookies in order to improve its services, facilitate navigation, maintain security, verify the identity of the User, facilitate access to personal preferences and follow their use of the Store. Cookies are files installed on the computer's hard drive or in the browser's memory in the folder preconfigured by the operating system of the User's computer to identify him.

If the User does not want a cookie to be installed on their hard drive, they must configure their Internet browsing program to not receive them. Likewise, the User may freely destroy the cookies. In the event that the User decides to deactivate cookies, the quality and speed of the service may decrease and, even, they will lose access to some of the services offered in the Store.