Ozone machines for home use

Ozone (O3) is a substance whose molecule is made up of three oxygen atoms. It is made up of negative ions, being the most active form of Oxygen and that is why it is also called “activated oxygen”.

It is formed when the two atoms that make up oxygen gas dissociate. Each released oxygen atom binds to another gaseous oxygen molecule (O2), forming ozone molecules (O3).

In this form, it is capable of destroying viruses, bacteria, parasites, prions, fungi, molds, spores, and many other contaminants by oxidation in a few seconds.

In nature it is a natural component of the atmosphere and helps to clean and reduce pollution creating a much healthier environment to live in.

In the stratosphere it is formed from solar radiation, and acts in a beneficial way (good ozone) as a filter trapping ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful to life. Also in nature it is created many times by means of the electrical apparatus of storms, of natural radioactivity, of the winds from hot and dry areas and even of the phases of the moon. In fact, the fresh, clean, spring rain smell is the result of ozone formation by nature.

Ozone is 3,000 times more powerful and faster as a disinfectant than chlorine or bleach, and totally harmless in low concentrations.

Currently, through state-of-the-art modern ozone generators we can obtain all the benefits of this very natural gas in our homes or in our work environment.

Ozonizers are capable of disinfecting environments and making water drinkable, as well as offering infinite advantages to our daily lives.

It has anti-infectious, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-toxic and anti-viral properties. It acts by oxidation and disappears practically instantly. In this way, it oxidizes all kinds of toxins and causes the oxidation of pathogenic microorganisms.

The vast majority of household Ozone generators are suitable for disinfection of environments / surfaces and with complementary accessories that allow disinfection and cleaning with water.

Next we are going to discover all the reasons to have an ozone generator in your home.

Using it in the water:

1 - It is the best way to disinfect and preserve Fruits and Vegetables

Sanitizing the fruits and vegetables that we consume daily in our homes with Ozone is the most efficient, natural and healthy way to achieve the best disinfection and cleaning of these.

Almost all the products we buy today have been sprayed at some point with chemicals, petroleum products such as benzene, as well as pesticides and herbicides (bromides and sulfates) that make fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. In addition, in all these fresh products they can also have parasites that are dangerous to our health.

To eliminate all these harmful agents from our diet, simply fill a container with water, insert the ozone generator tube with the diffuser stone, and after a few minutes introduce the fruits and vegetables in this water for proper cleaning.

In approximately 20 minutes, benzene is removed from our food, as well as remains of pesticides, herbicides and parasites.

Also, if fruits and vegetables are ozonated before being stored in the refrigerator, they take much longer to spoil. This is because ozone reacts with the ethylene emitted by the fruit when it ripens.

Using Ozone to sanitize food, we use a 100% natural way of cleaning and with all the guarantees that afterwards we will consume products free of chemicals that are harmful to our health (as happens when we sanitize food with chlorine or other chemical compounds, since there will always be traces of these in the fruits and vegetables that we end up eating).

2 - Eliminates Chlorine and all pathogens from the water leaving it drinkable

Ozone completely purifies the water, leaving it drinkable and suitable for consumption without the presence of any smell or typical flavors that are currently perceived in tap water (from all the treatment that the water receives before reaching our homes).

It is only necessary to fill a large jug, bottle or container with supply water and put it to ozonate with the hose and diffuser stone for a few minutes (5 minutes for a glass of water and 15 minutes for each liter of water). Then, if you want to drink without ozone, let the water rest for a few minutes and the water will be ready to drink, purified in a totally natural way, without the presence of odors or flavors, completely neutral and pure. If this is taken just after ozonizing, we will use the water in addition to drinking as a treatment, as you can see below.

3 - Ozonated water for mouthwash

Commercial mouthwashes and mouthwashes contain heavy metals such as cobalt and solvents such as benzene, which are very harmful to our health.

Using ozonated water as a mouthwash prevents us from exposing ourselves to these types of toxic products while eliminating oral pathogens and bacterial plaques in a more effective and natural way.

Ozonated water destroys clostridium plaque, one of the most difficult to eradicate, which according to Dr. Hulda Clark plays a fundamental role in the development of cancer. Ozonated water also destroys the Candida Albicans fungus, and is effective against halitosis (bad breath) produced by anaerobic sulfide-producing bacteria.

In case of Gingivitis and periodontal diseases, rinse several times a day. After 24 hours of incubation, the bacteria that lodge in the periodontal cavities colonize the area to the point of causing destruction of the bone and inflammation of the gums.

Frequent rinses with ozonated water avoid the use of antibiotics after tooth extraction, endodontics or any other dental operation with open wounds susceptible to infection. Antibiotics destroy friendly bacterial flora and are the main cause of Candida overgrowth in the intestinal tract.

Many dentists inject ozone into the oral cavity to repair fillings, minimize the risk of infection during dental work, and aid wound healing.

Ozone mouthwashes are also extremely beneficial in cases of wounds in the oral cavity such as canker sores, wounds or even sore throats and conditions.

4 - Ozonated water for gastrointestinal problems / healing crises

5 - Wound disinfection

6 - Dandruff reduction

7 - Elimination of foot odor

8 - Arthritis, muscle aches and bruises

9 - Bath with ozonated water - Ozonated the bath water

10 - Treatment of candidiasis and vaginitis

11 - Dermatitis, eczema or acne

12 - Detoxification of mercury and petroleum derivatives

13 - Disinfect containers and kitchen utensils

14 - Disinfect cloths, scourers and sponges in the kitchen and in the bathroom

15 - Disinfection and sanitization of toothbrushes, dentures, etc.

16 - Disinfect baby's bottles, pacifiers and utensils

17 - Pet Bath

18 - Aquarium purification


19 - Water the plants

Using it in ambient air:

1 - Purify the air

2 - Attenuation on airborne disease transmission

3 - Fight allergies

4 - Disinfect the mobile phone, computer keyboard, mouse, etc.

5 - Disinfect masks, footwear and textiles of all kinds

6 - Eliminate toxins from the home

7 - Eliminate bad odors (humidity, sewers, food, tobacco, etc.)

8 - Eliminate damp from walls

9 - Make a clean room in a small room or bathroom for disinfection

In these times of Coronavirus and infections, an Ozone Generator is essential in our homes.

The ozonators for domestic use emit low concentrations of Ozone compatible with the stay of people in the environment (as long as it is a spacious and airy environment) without representing any risk to health.

However, the equipment can be used in a small room, behind closed doors and without the presence of people, thus converting it into a small disinfection and cleaning room.

This procedure can greatly increase the ozone concentration in space and is very effective for:

  • Footwear disinfection
  • Disinfection of bags, telephones, and everyday objects that we transport to the street
  • Mask disinfection and deodorization
  • Disinfection of textiles and clothing, glasses, watches and other accessories
  • For disinfection of supermarket purchases and other objects acquired in shops

Or for what we need to sanitize or disinfect at this time when cleaning is one of our main allies in the fight against Covid-19.