Health and Hygiene Products

Welcome to the "Health and Hygiene House" division of the business group Don Arturo Import-Export, S.L.

In our online store "Ozone Specialists" you can find a wide variety of products related to health and well-being. We work marketing and offering the best service and after-sales service to all our clients, both individuals and companies.

We mainly act importing and representing products related to:

  • Disinfection and purification of environments with ozone generators and air purifiers
  • Water treatment and enrichment
  • Personal protection products
  • Accessories and complements of our equipment

We want you to have a pleasant stay in our store and have the total assurance that our products are of the highest quality and comply with all the required certifications. We have the maximum web security systems so that your experience is pleasant and you can make your purchases with the maximum guarantees.


In natural environments such as waterfalls, we can find Ozone (nascent oxygen) that generates pure air along with a large amount of negative ions that are beneficial to our health.