Cleaning measures in Clinics, Medical Centers and Pharmacies must be superior to a normal center or office, since there is a risk of putting the work of doctors and staff at risk, as well as the health of patients.

It is important to start with the total sterilization of the air around people and objects, which is the main means of infection and contagion.

It has been concluded that the best procedure is the use of OZONE, an allotropic oxygen gas with a very high oxidizing power, which when applied in small doses in the air produces a fulminating effect on the bacterial population of the same, guaranteeing a perfect asepsis. . In the waiting rooms, the accumulation of people causes the environment to be loaded and, what is more, there are mixed with healthy people, and the danger of contagion is imminent. It is important that its molecules are negative ions that avoid possible nervous states caused by simple waiting in these types of centers. Do not forget that the patient requires a clean and pure environment, as in the high mountains, and that through OZONE this environment can be achieved in an artificial way.