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Home ozone machine - 600 mg/h

Ozone generator that emits 600 mg/h of ozone with manual programming up to 60'. Multifunctional for air and water with emission of anions. Purifies water, removes odors and all kinds of bacteria, viruses and pathogens from the air and surfaces.
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Portable ozone machine - 600 mg/h

Ozonator with digital touch screen capable of generating 600 mg/h of ozone. Valid for disinfection of the air environment and surfaces. It also allows you to treat and purify water. Eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and all kinds of odors.

Small Air Purifier

Air purifier and ionizer with a high-efficiency active carbon HEPA filter capable of totally eliminating 99.7% of all particles larger than 1 micron (organic and inorganic) in an interior space of up to 30m2. Easily removes viruses, bacteria, spores and allergens of all kinds. Its HEPA filter, being made of active carbon fiber, also eliminates bad odors, smoke and toxic volatile compounds such as formaldehyde.
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Hydrogen water generator

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Hydrogen water jug of 2 liters capacity that brings great benefits to our health by being able to eliminate free radicals present in our cells, reducing cellular oxidation and therefore premature aging. It has 4 hydrogenated functions, an automatic cleaning function and another to magnetize water, thus improving its properties. Get the hydrogen to stay in the jar for up to 72 hours. It has a mineralizing particle filter with natural stones that helps regulate the PH of the water.
The formation of this hydrogen is due to electrolysis in the water that allows the formation of negatively charged hydrogen tonic groups that inhibit this oxidation.

Replacement filter - Hydrogen water generator

Replacement filter for BIO-BEADS Hydrogen water generator designed with an easy cleaning system only by water rinses. This mineralizing magnetic filter is composed of 100% natural mineral stones (bio-pearls) that help regulate the PH of the water and eliminate organic matter and chlorides from it thanks to its magnetic system. This filter has a very long life and does not need to be replaced frequently except for breakages or visible wear due to its use.

Face masks FFP3 Galmask - 99% filtration - CE2163 - Packs

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Boxes of high efficiency individual protection face mask. Retains at least 99% of incoming and outgoing contaminants and bioaerosols.Especially recommended for professionals, vulnerable groups or people who want the highest protection in closed spaces against the risk of exposure to aerosols or close contact with possible asymptomatic or COVID-19 positive people.

Children Face masks FFP2 - 95% filtration - CE certified

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Kids Face masks FFP2 up to 7 years old with 5 layers and a filtration efficiency of 95%. Available in batches from 5 to 500 units and individually wrapped. This FFP2 face masks is free of graphene and is recommended to achieve high protection against contagion by biological pathogens, especially in closed rooms. First Protect masks for children are approved in the European Union with CE certified - CE1463.

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UV Air purifier

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It purifies the air in homes and businesses with 5 filter intensities and 4 filter levels: pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter and germicidal ultraviolet lamp. With air purity indicator. It can be programmed up to 24 hours and has a negative ion function to eliminate the static caused by electronic devices and offer comfort and well-being similar to that achieved in natural environments. It is essential for people with allergies, respiratory problems of all kinds, asthma or COPD. Due to its high efficiency filter (PM 2.5) capable of eliminating up to 99.99% of harmful particles, this air purifier prevents people from being infected with viruses and bacteria in indoor environments through aerosols.

Kids FFP2 face masks small - color edition - CE 2163

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FFP2 masks First Protect for children from 7 years to 15 years (toddler size) available in 5 different color models and in lots from 10 to 100 units. These non-reusable masks guarantee 95% protection of entry and exit against viruses, bacteria and other biological pathogens thanks to their 5-layer composition. The FFP2 toddler masks are very comfortable to use because they incorporate an adjustable nose bridge and soft fixation bands adjustable to the ears. Its use is especially recommended for interior spaces that do not have adequate ventilation.

Face masks FFP2 Galmask - 95% filtration - CE0161 - Packs

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Galmask FFP2 face masks high efficiency 5-layer self-filtering available in batches from 10 to 500 units. They retain at least 95% of incoming and outgoing contaminants and bioaerosols. Galmask masks of the FFP2 type are manufactured in Spain and have European approval. The use of these FFP2 masks is recommended especially for professionals, vulnerable groups or people who want the highest protection in closed spaces against the risk of exposure to aerosols or close contact with possible asymptomatic or positive people for biologically transmitted diseases. Graphene-free product. Includes a clip for head attachment. Notified body CE 0161.

Ozone diffuser stones and flexible silicone tubes

Las Ozone diffuser stones are an essential accessory to obtain the maximum performance of a multifunctional ozone generator. This product is made up of 2 flexible silicone tubes and 2 diffuser stones, one gray for water and the other white conical for oil and creams. With the use of these porous or volcanic stones we can use the ozone generated in the machine to disperse it in the water and thus obtain a series of important benefits for our health such as the purification of the water or the sanitization and disinfection of the food. Other treatments of note with the use of ozone diffusing stones are related to sterilization of multiple objects and utensils, to care with personal hygiene or to healing of injuries and / or bodily injuries.

Face masks First Protect - 95% filtration - CE certified - Boxes

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Boxes of adult face mask category FFP2 with a 95% minimum filtration of outlet and inlet. It prevents us from inhaling toxic fluids of dust, aerosols and fumes. Effective against viruses, bacteria and fungal spores present in the air environment. This mask is highly recommended to achieve greater protection against the current Covid-19 virus, especially in closed spaces.