Smart Bracelet - Fitness Tracker
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Smart Bracelet - Fitness Tracker

Advanced technology health bracelet that allows constant monitoring of the user's health status. This smart wristband has an illuminated touch screen to easily control the large number of functions available. Clock, pedometer or step counter, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, oximeter, sleep monitoring, calories consumed and distance traveled and sedentary or inactivity notifications, alarm, remote photo taking, etc. The Eno3 smartband also offers us information on the screen of social networks, messages and calls, thus making it one of the best fitness tracker quality-price. Waterproof. Compatible with Android and iOS operating system. 0.96” AMOLED screen.

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Health bracelet - Monitor your activity

We are increasingly concerned about our health and about evaluating the progress we are making day by day in carrying out our physical training or daily activity.

For this reason, having a fitness tracker bracelet to monitor the activity and the general state of our body will provide us with added value in health care. In addition, being able to perform daily exercises with an wristband fitness encourages the user to improve and focus on achieving the best habits to achieve the healthiest vital parameters possible. This activity tracker bracelet is valid for all types of people who want to maintain or increase their current lifestyle and also for people who have to lose weight or take care of their vital signs by medical prescription.

Link your ıntellıgence health bracelet to your mobile with the "Fitpro" App and consult in seconds all the information on calories consumed, number of daily steps, distance traveled, hours of sleep, etc. so that you can evaluate all your progress.

Smart Wristband - Functions

The fitness tracker band has the following functions:

  • Status: step counter bracelet to check the record of the number of daily steps, the distance traveled and the calories consumed.
  • Heart rate monitor: the heart rate record per minute, blood pressure (bracelets with a blood pressure monitor) or the amount of oxygen in the blood (using SpO2 sensors) appears.
  • Body temperature: it can be consulted through the App. The temperature measurement is carried out by wearing the bracelet for 15 minutes from when the action is requested.
  • Sports: 3 modes can be set. Running bracelets mode - jump rope mode - abdominal mode. You can check the duration of the activity and the calories consumed.
  • Messages: You can check the last 3 messages received.
  • App notification: When a message is received from apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. the content received by the App is displayed on the screen.
  • SMS notification: a vibration occurs when an sms is received.
  • Answer calls: The smart sensor bracelet will vibrate when receiving a call, displaying the name or number of the person making the call.
  • Remote camera: to take pictures from a distance with a countdown of 3 seconds.
  • Search activity bracelet: this function can be activated from the App. The bracelet will vibrate.
  • Customize Theme: You can select a different theme for the main screen.
  • Reset: to delete all the data on the activity band.
  • Sleep tracker band: the smartband will automatically detect deep/shallow/wakeless sleep during the night and calculate the quality of sleep.
  • Illuminated screen: with this function activated, the screen lights up when you turn your wrist.
  • Do not disturb: to not receive notifications during the period of time indicated.
  • Alarms: Up to 8 alarms can be set offline. The smartband will wake you up with gentle vibrations on your wrist if you use it as an alarm clock.
  • Sedentary reminder: with this function activated, the activity wristband notifies you when you have been inactive for too long.

All these features make it an excellent smart bracelet to use on a daily basis or also a fitness smart band for cycling, swimming, paddle tennis, running, gym, crossfit...

Best cheap fitness tracker

For all these complete functions, this product is best fitness band to take care of and monitor health easily and quickly, both for the elderly and for young athletes, being also the best cheap fitness tracker that we can find to get the most out of it. Maximum performance from day one.

In addition, thanks to its hypoallergenic black rubber strap with a pleasant touch, we will avoid annoying friction or allergies on our skin while guaranteeing that the bracelet is always kept safe from eventual bumps and scratches.

This model is valid as an activity bracelet for swimming as long as it is not in salt water during prolonged exposure.

In black and with a minimalist design, it makes it a highly demanded activity bracelet for women and men due to its unisex style.

Its 0.96” AMOLED color touch screen has a brightness of up to 400 nits, allowing better viewing in brighter environments. The 286 dots per inch (dpi) of its screen also allows us to see the information of the smartband clock with greater clarity.

This fitness bracelet includes:

  • Smart bracelet EnO3
  • USB charger
  • Manual

Data sheet
22,1 g
2 years
Battery Type
Lithium polymer
Loading time
2 hours on USB
System Requirements
Android 5.0, iOS 9.0 or higher
Working time
4 - 7 days
Idle time
45 days
Low power accelerometer
Optimum temperature
-10ºC up to 50ºC
Screen protection
2.5D tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating
Bracelet width
15 mm
Bracelet material
Thermoplastic polyurethane
Vibration motor
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