Ozonator for swimming pool - Rilize
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Ozonator for swimming pool - Rilize

Ozone generators for swimming pools Rilize manufactured in Spain and finished in stainless steel with an ozone production from 1000 mg/h to 8000 mg/h. Due to their high oxidizing power, they reduce the use of chemicals in the water by up to 95%, providing extreme clarity in the water without adverse health effects by not generating chemical residues. Its scope of coverage covers sizes of pools, spas or spas from 50m3 to 600m3, perfectly adapting to both private and public use. The ozonators for swimming pools include all the accessories for a simple and correct installation in PVDF (anti-ozone) material. Micro-bubble venturi, filter drier, anti-return valve and 6mm diameter fitting. With a 3-year warranty on the equipment and unlimited on its transformer.

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Rilize ozone generators for swimming pools are the best solution for the care, disinfection and permanent maintenance of the water in the vessels of swimming pools and spas.

Ozone is considered one of the most effective disinfectant agents that exist and also has the advantage that after its use in water, it does not leave chemical residues or odors since it naturally decomposes into oxygen.

Due to its great disinfecting power up to 600 times more powerful than chlorine and 3000 times faster, it is able to easily eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, spores and oxidize organic and inorganic pollutants, allowing the pool water to maintain all its organolectic qualities intact.

Ozone Pool Models according to size in m3

En el siguiente cuadro resumen se incluyen dos series de generadores de ozono de piscina (2000 y 3000) con varios modelos de producción de ozono incluidos, todos ellos fabricados en acero inoxidable de la más alta calidad en España y con 3 años de garantía en el equipo e ilimitada en su transformador. Con la serie 2000 se pueden realizar instalaciones sencillas en piscinas de ámbito privado o público de hasta 100m3 y con la serie 3000 sé abarcan todo tipo de piscinas, balnearios o spas desde los 200 a los 600m3.

The following summary table includes two series of swimming pool ozone generators (2000 and 3000) with various ozone production models included, all of them made of the highest quality stainless steel in Spain and with a 3-year warranty in the equipment and unlimited in your transformer. With the 2000 series, simple installations can be carried out in private or public pools of up to 100m3 and with the 3000 series they cover all types of pools, spas or spas from 200 to 600m3.


POOL OZONE MODEL 2050 1000 50
POOL OZONE MODEL 2060 2000 100
POOL OZONE MODEL 3004 4000 200
POOL OZONE MODEL 3006 6000 300
POOL OZONE MODEL 3008 8000 600

How does it work - Ozone generator for pool 

Ozone is produced when oxygen molecules are subjected to a high intensity electric field (corona discharge), causing them to divide into individual oxygen atoms which in turn react with other oxygen molecules to form ozone molecules (03 ). The corona discharge method is the most efficient and most common in pool ozonators. The ozone dosage into the pool water is produced by the Venturi effect. The Venturi effect is a phenomenon that consists in that when a certain fluid passes through a tube or conduit that has a smaller section in an area, the fluid increases its speed while reducing its pressure.

Ozone being very unstable and volatile, it must be generated in the same place where it is going to be used. The installation of a ozone filter pool is very simple and only a few simple instructions have to be followed.

Installation - Swimming pool ozone system 

  • A bypass or bypass is installed using the pool's own recirculation of water
  • The microbubble injector Venturi system supplied at the outlet of the recirculation pump and the purification filters is inserted
  • The Venturi sucks the ozone produced by the ozonator using a vacuum (caused by the pressure difference), transferring the ozonated water to the pool glass. This process is repeated throughout the recirculation time
  • The Rilize Ozone Pool equipment has non-return valves and a filter drier that supplies the ozonator with dry air in the suction for greater performance.
  • The installation does not require maintenance or storage of chemical products in any tank

All installation accessories are made of anti-ozone PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) material. PVDF is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer with great resistance to chemicals, high temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, corrosion or prolonged aging.

Installation Scheme - Ozone Generator for Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Ozone System with Bypass and Venturi injector

Why use an ozone pool sanitizer?

Eliminate or reduce the use of chemicals and improve water quality

The main reason to use an ozonator for swimming pools is that its use serves to replace the chlorine or bromine that contain chemical products for disinfection. The use of ozone in the water of swimming pools, spas or spas has no health contraindications, does not affect the pH of the water and does not generate odors or chemical flavors in the water. For this reason, the use of ozone in the disinfection of swimming pools is an excellent alternative that has already been used in many countries since the 1950s. The risk of infection or disease due to the use of swimming pool water is mainly due to the microbiological contamination of the pool. water, especially that of fecal origin that usually causes skin eruptions or unwanted infections. The use of chlorine and bromine in swimming pools is normally due to their low cost, their easy dosage and their retention power. But what you really have to pay close attention to is the chemical contamination that is generated in the form of chlorine or bromine by-products when they come into contact with organic or inorganic materials, such as total trihalomethanes (THMsT). This group of total trihalomethanes is formed by chloroform or chloramines, bromodichloromethane, bromoform or dibromochloromethane. These by-products of chlorination that are generated have proven their toxic and carcinogenic capacity for man and are produced by the reaction of chlorine or bromine with sweat, saliva, cosmetics, urine, fecal residues or remains of dead skin for example.

Human exposure to these types of chemicals produces irritation and rashes on the skin, red eyes, pain or inflammation of the ears, conjunctivitis, respiratory problems or irritation of the mucous membranes, sneezing or rhinitis among others. Due to these by-products, a much more intense pool smell is also produced that is indicative of greater chemical contamination of the water and that, in many cases, directly damages the environment that users of the pool or spa breathe.

Ozone, being more powerful than chlorine or bromine, has a less residual effect on the water, so it lasts less time. However, the ozone pool with the Venturi effect is injecting ozone into the water at the same time that it recirculates in the system thanks to the pump of the treatment plant. As ozone has no residual character, that is, it is generated and volatilized into oxygen after about 20 minutes, in some cases, the most recommended is to use a very small percentage of another traditional disinfectant (Chlorine or Bromine) as a support. In combination, it is possible to comply with regulatory parameters and that the water always has a residual disinfectant value, especially when the Venturi with the water recirculation pump is not working in the installation.

The ozone in the pool is also a powerful anti-algae and reduces the turbidity of the water because it is an extraordinary natural flocculant that binds colloidal substances present in the water (such as mineral salts of iron and manganese) facilitating its decantation and subsequent filtering. The result is crystal clear and clean pool or spa water of excellent quality for bathers.

Economic advantages

The installation of swimming pool ozone system represents a great economic saving, because although it is true that there is an initial investment in the equipment, this is quickly amortized with the constant saving of water since its renewal is not necessary, even if this saving is increased even more when there are heating costs if the pool is heated. On the other hand, savings are also achieved by reducing the use by up to 95% of the chemicals necessary for the maintenance of the pool, together with considerable savings also in the costs derived from the handling, transport and storage of said chemical products.

Health benefits of Swimming pools ozone water treatment

Ozone treated water has a series of beneficial effects for our health such as oxygenation of the skin, activation of blood circulation, muscle relaxation or cleaning the skin pores. Bathers suffering from asthma or pulmonary insufficiency decrease their performance in the water when it has been treated with chlorine and are exposed to suffering a worsening of their disease. At the same time, healthy people can also develop this type of pathology due to overexposure to chlorine. In contrast to ozone, it improves lung capacity and performance due to the absence of evaporated gases with combined chlorine. For this reason it is very common to use it in Olympic competition swimming pools so that professional swimmers do not suffer the harmful effects of chemicals such as chlorine or bromine in the water and their sports performance is not affected.

Comparative summary between the use of Ozone in swimming pools and Chlorine 


Smell and taste None Nasty in the water
Colour Colorless With a tendency to yellow
Oxidizing power Very high, only lower than fluoride Well
Antiviral action Elevated Reduced
Bacterial action Very wide activity Very variable depending on the species
Elimination of parasites, algae and protozoa, fungi, cysts and spores Elevated Reduced
Mechanisms of reaction and intermediate production Direct oxidation with oxygenation of the water Indirect oxidation with production of trihalomethanes (THMs)
Structural activity on micro-pollutants (detergents, phenols, hydrocarbons, pesticides, dyes, etc.) Elevated None
Irritation of eyes, skin and hair, deterioration of textiles and waste generated None Elevated

Data sheet
Power consumed
1000mg/h - 23 W
2000mg/h - 52 W
4000mg/h - 112 W
6000mg/h - 226 W
8000mg/h - 460 W
230/50 - 120/60
Models 2050 / 2060 - 360 x 220 x 95 mm
Models 3004 / 3006 / 3008 - 600 x 300 x 100 mm
1000 mg/h - 2.9 Kg
2000 mg/h - 3.4 Kg
4000 mg/h - 7.2 Kg
6000 mg/h - 8.3 Kg
8000 mg/h - 9.5 Kg
Output O3
1000 mg/h
2000 mg/h
4000 mg/h
6000 mg/h
8000 mg/h
Ozone generating cells
1000 mg/h - 1
2000 mg/h - 2
4000 mg/h - 4
6000 mg/h - 6
8000 mg/h - 8
Stainless steel
Machine - 3 years
Unlimited transformer
Made in
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