Ozone diffuser stones and flexible silicone tubes
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Ozone diffuser stones and flexible silicone tubes

Las Ozone diffuser stones are an essential accessory to obtain the maximum performance of a multifunctional ozone generator. This product is made up of 2 flexible silicone tubes and 2 diffuser stones, one gray for water and the other white conical for oil and creams. With the use of these porous or volcanic stones we can use the ozone generated in the machine to disperse it in the water and thus obtain a series of important benefits for our health such as the purification of the water or the sanitization and disinfection of the food. Other treatments of note with the use of ozone diffusing stones are related to sterilization of multiple objects and utensils, to care with personal hygiene or to healing of injuries and / or bodily injuries.

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The diffuser stones for ozone generators are essential to obtain the maximum performance of an ozone device for water or multifunctional (for water and air). To ozonate water or fluids such as oils or creams, you only have to connect one end of the silicone hose to the ozone outlet connector of the device and the other end to a porous volcanic stone. Supply water is then collected in a container and the ozone diffuser stone is introduced into the water, turning on the ozone machine to start sanitizing and disinfecting the water. In general, every 2 silicone tubes or hoses incorporate 2 aeration diffuser stones, a spherical gray for water and a white conical for oil and creams. However, if necessary these can be exchanged without significantly affecting their performance. Through this method of applying ozone to water, several benefits are achieved for our health. In general, some of the most used applications in the domestic field of ozone water are the following:

  • Disinfection of water, fruits, vegetables and food in general: Free ozone in water and hydroxyl radicals decompose organic impurities, heavy metal ions and eliminate bacteria and viruses. They also remove toxic residues like chemical fertilizers. Most of the fruit and vegetables that you buy in the market have been sprayed with products that contain petroleum derivatives such as benzene, to keep them fresh and prevent them from wilting. It is necessary to ozonate the water for at least 20 minutes to extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables and eliminate benzene, as well as possible remains of pesticides, herbicides and parasite eggs. In practice, it should be noted that it is advisable to stir the food from time to time in the ozonation process so that it is completely covered by the ozone water and thus achieves complete disinfection. The ozonation times to purify drinking water are 5 minutes for a glass and 15 minutes for a liter, maintaining this ratio for other larger quantities. In foods such as fish or meat, washing them by immersion in ozonated water removes all bacteria and viruses from their surface. Meat, for example, is more delicious, tender, elastic and stays fresh for much longer.
  • Mouthwash and personal hygiene: Commercial mouthwashes and mouthwashes often contain contaminants such as heavy metals, cobalt, or solvents such as benzene. By using ozonated water as a mouthwash or gargle, not only are we not exposed to these contaminants, but we also eliminate plaque more efficiently. Ozonated water also destroys the Candida Albicas fungus and is effective against Halitosis (bad breath) caused by anachronistic sulfur-producing bacteria and the smell of tobacco. Many dentists pump ozone into the oral cavity to minimize the risk of infection during dental work and to aid wound healing. To eliminate the smell of feet produced by bacteria, it is advisable to take daily baths with warm water of ozonated water for about 20 minutes. Ozone can also be used in water to disinfect toothbrushes or dentures or to help eliminate dandruff normally caused by fungus on the scalp. For this it is advisable to perform the last rinse of the head with ozonated water.
  • Disinfection of the refrigerator, kitchen utensils and other household surfaces: In the specific case of cleaning and disinfection of the refrigerator, from "specialistsenozono" we recommend, apart from regularly cleaning the interior and exterior of this with ozonated water, introduce only the silicone cannula attached to the ozone generator (without the diffuser stone) inside the refrigerator, close the refrigerator door and perform a 30-minute ozone cycle to achieve complete sterilization and deodorization. This method of inserting only the silicone tube to apply the ozone is very practical in places that are difficult to access, such as shoe cabinets, cabinets or ventilation ducts. In the same way, freshly ozonated water can be used to disinfect all types of home surfaces with the help of a chamois. It is also practical to fill a spray bottle with ozonated water and spray the kitchen counter or toilet bowl to disinfect them. Kitchen utensils can also be disinfected with ozonated water, eradicating these viruses and bacteria and helping to reduce the contamination of our intestinal tract.
  • Skin protection, beauty, water bath: A solution to hydrate our skin and scalp is to enjoy a relaxing and oxygenated bath. To do this, all you have to do is set the ozone generator timer for 15-20 minutes and insert the silicone tube with the aeration stone into the water while the bathtub is filling. When it is full, we can enjoy an ozonated water bath that will provide hydration and luminosity to the skin, healing and disinfection of open wounds, improved respiration, elimination of fat and bacteria from the skin pores or an aid to Regress skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic skin, eczema, dermatitis or acne. Another application of ozone for personal care is the ozonation of oils (such as olive oil) and creams. In this way, ozone can boost the repairing effect on damaged skin, increasing cellular energy and its beneficial effects. It is advisable to ozonate the oils and creams for at least 10 minutes to later expand them in the area to be treated.

It is important to highlight an observation. With prolonged use, silicone hoses turn yellow due to the oxidizing effect of ozone. This is a completely normal process and we recommend if they become cracked or hardened, cut the affected piece of rubber with scissors to be able to continue assembling the rubber in the coupling. If this operation cannot be repeated because the silicone rubber is completely hardened, they must be replaced with new ones.

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