Replacement filter - Hydrogen water generator
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Hydrogen Water Filter

Replacement filter for BIO-BEADS Hydrogen water generator designed with an easy cleaning system only by water rinses. This mineralizing magnetic filter is composed of 100% natural mineral stones (bio-pearls) that help regulate the PH of the water and eliminate organic matter and chlorides from it thanks to its magnetic system. This filter has a very long life and does not need to be replaced frequently except for breakages or visible wear due to its use.

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This long-lasting mineralizing magnetic filter is essential in the Hydrogenated Water generator so that its magnetization, cleaning and pH regulation can be implemented in the water hydrogenation process through its stones. It is convenient to replace it in cases of:

- Breakage due to falls or blows that cause damage that may affect its normal operation or aesthetics.

- Wear and tear. In this case, being a filter that can be easily removed by your EASY CLEAN system, you can intuitively observe the appropriate time to replace it.

To clean it, according to its EASY CLEAN system, you simply have to remove the filter manually and proceed to wash it by repeatedly rinsing with tap water until the accumulated dirt disappears and the water begins to run clear.

Data sheet
Filter regulator
Natural mineral stones
UNE 149101 standard
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