HEPA air purifier - UVC and Ozone with 8 filtration steps
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HEPA air purifier - UVC and Ozone - 8 filtration steps

HEPA air purifier with 8 stages of filtration, IQ air quality sensor technology and programmable touch screen with remote control. It has a 3-filter cartridge (antibacterial pre-filter / HEPA 13 filter / Carbon filter), an independent active carbon filter and another cold photocatalytic filter. It is also equipped with an optional internal type C UV lamp (254nm), optional negative ion generation and an optional 500 mg/h ozone generator. Its filters remove up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and it is an essential device to use indoors to prevent airborne infections of all types of bacteria or viruses, such as the SARS-COV 2 coronavirus.

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Air purifier with a high-efficiency HEPA filter, especially suitable for homes, public spaces, offices and businesses, as it can completely purify medium or large rooms. It has an area of ​​influence of 120m2, achieving a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 360m3 / h, that is, it manages to deliver 360m3 of clean air in 1 hour. This influence rate can be more efficient because the equipment can use, if desired, an internal 254nm ultraviolet lamp that eliminates and disinfects all types of pathogens with 99.99% effectiveness while its filters are operating. In addition, it is also optionally possible to activate its 500mg / h ozone generator to generate short or long ozone cycles that allow greater disinfection while providing more available oxygen in the air, refreshing and cleaning it. This is because within a few minutes, active oxygen (ozone) is easily decomposed, increasing oxygen levels in the air. Active oxygen can quickly decompose organic and inorganic substances that generate all kinds of bad odors, making them neutral.

In this way, total protection is achieved against pollutants and pathogens of all kinds that may be present in the room and that many of them, such as the current SARS-COV2 coronavirus, can spread through the air causing unwanted infections. For this, this high-efficiency air purifier has 8 filtering stages:

Antibacterial prefilter: Helps reduce the transmission of germs such as bacteria and very small fungi. It has a treatment based on silver ions to achieve the total elimination of all types of bacteria and germs.

HEPA 13 high density active carbon filterIt is an activated carbon honeycomb with an efficiency of 99,97% that eliminates, disinfects and sterilizes viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungi, spores, prions and all kinds of pathogens. Decomposes formaldehydes, toxic gases and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Carbon HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) filter: Very efficient carbon cloth filter to absorb polluting gases which can also purify polluted air.

Active carbon filter and cold catalyst: This first eliminates microorganisms, inorganic pathogens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while absorbing and eliminating toxic gases and bad odors.Cold catalyst is a low-temperature, low-absorption catalyst that catalyzes the decomposition of organic compounds in the air with oxygen, producing water and other substances that are harmless to the human body.

It also has:

Ultraviolet C Lamp (254nm): Eliminates, disinfects and sterilizes viruses (99.99%), bacteria, microbes, prions, fungi and all kinds of pathogens. Deodorizes without fragrances. Its operation is totally safe for humans as it is incorporated inside the equipment without any external irradiation. The pathogens that are absorbed by the purifier are eliminated by the lamp minimizing any type of contagion through the air.

Anion emission: Enriches the ambient air, improving its quality and minimizing contagion and common diseases.

Ozone: It has a programmable 500mg / h ozone generator to use optionally. In this way, additional security is achieved in closed areas by increasing the sanitizing and disinfectant power of the device, resulting highly effective in eliminating all types of viruses such as Coronavirus SARS-COV 2 from the air environment and surfaces. Ozone, being a very unstable gas, quickly dissociates into an oxygen molecule and an oxygen atom, causing an oxidative reduction capable of eliminating all types of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, mites, etc.) and unpleasant odors. By being nebulized in the air, it is possible to reach all surfaces without leaving blind spots, being at the same time a very efficient option (cost benefit factor) to achieve complete, effective and simple disinfection and oxygenation.

It also effectively eliminates mites, microbes, pollens, suspended dust, toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or benzene, VOCs or unpleasant odors. Smart air purification device especially recommended for use in indoor environments of all kinds. Minimize the spread of diseases through the air or relieve allergies and asthma symptoms.

Air Purifier Operation

  • Automatic air quality sensor. It has an automatic airflow system that analyzes air quality and adjusts speed and absorption capacity in real time. An intelligent digital display will continuously diagnose the air, reporting its quality in 3 colors as if it were a traffic light; green, yellow, and red
  • Function indicators in its digital touch display:

           tabla funcionamiento

  • Indicates the temperature and relative humidity of the room on its digital display by means of a sensor
  • Manual operation via digital touch screen or automatic with remote control 
  • With the power button, the plate is raised automatically for air outlet and with power off it is collected 

Main features

  • Indicates air purity by color change on display
  • Touch screen and remote control
  • Programmable timer 1-2-4-8-12h
  • 3-speed fan with automatic operation
  • Coverage area: 120m2. CADR 360m3 / h
  • 8 levels of filtering: Antibacterial pre-filter + HEPA13 filter + HEGA carbon filter + Active carbon filter to eliminate odors + Cold catalyst + UV-C lamp + Ionizer + Ozone
  • With optional UV-C lamp that safely removes and sterilizes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, microbes, and microorganisms
  • With ionizer to enrich the environment in a natural way helping to reduce contagion
  • With optional ozone generation of 500mg / h
  • Especially suitable for people with allergies, asthma or COPD
  • Control air quality with microprocessor and AI sensor, sterilizing if necessary
  • Emission of ions that enhance air purification
  • Eliminates dust, odors, pollen, viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Minimizes contagions indoors and purifies the air we breathe with a CDR of 360m3 / h
  • Quick and easy maintenance. Contact us to replace the filters approximately once a year
  • Elegant and portable design allows it to adapt to any room
  • Especially suitable for schools and classrooms, offices and shops of all kinds, bars and restaurants, clinics and pharmacies, changing rooms, gyms, etc.
  • With CE and Rohs certificates

Data sheet
Power consumed
80 W
220-240V/50Hz o 100-120V/60Hz
320 x 199 x 645 mm
7.9 Kg
Output O3
500 mg/h
8 air filtration systems with Air ionizer system, UV-C filter and Ozone
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
360 m3/h
In 30m3 it renews the air 10 times per hour
In 60m3 it renews the air 6 times per hour
Up to 120m2
Anions function
Remote control
Touch screen
High quality ABS plastic
Anions emitted
6*10^6 pcs/m3
Portable use
2 years
Max. 40dB - Min. Less than 20dB
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