Portable Air Purifier
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Small Air Purifier

Air purifier and ionizer with a high-efficiency active carbon HEPA filter capable of totally eliminating 99.7% of all particles larger than 1 micron (organic and inorganic) in an interior space of up to 30m2. Easily removes viruses, bacteria, spores and allergens of all kinds. Its HEPA filter, being made of active carbon fiber, also eliminates bad odors, smoke and toxic volatile compounds such as formaldehyde.

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Very practical small air purifier to be used on office tables, or in interior rooms of all kinds up to 30m2. Provides a perfectly purified, deodorized air environment free of germs such as viruses, bacteria, mites, spores or allergens. It is especially useful to prevent airborne transmission of all types of viruses and bacteria in work or home environments, as it has a filtration capacity of 99.7% of all harmful particles greater than 1 micron and constantly renews the air increasing the oxygen content and producing negative ions. Negative ions are produced thanks to the induction of an electric current and have an effect similar to those produced in nature to decontaminate indoor environments, eliminate the eliminate static energy produced by electrical appliances and synthetic materials, while offering a sensation of comfort and well-being. 

HEPA air purifier (PM 2.5) with a high-efficiency active carbon fiber filter that allows people to breathe pure air to prevent infections and combat respiratory problems such as asthma, COPD, or other respiratory allergies caused by allergens of all kinds. In turn, the filter, being made of activated carbon, eliminates bad odors, smoke or volatile organic compounds that are so harmful to humans.

This equipment also has an air freshener filter interchangeable with the HEPA filter (they cannot be used together) that can be impregnated with essences to aromatize the room to be treated.

It is advisable to clean the filter from time to time by vacuuming, and it can even be washed with water and then left to dry. The useful life of the filter is approximately 1 year, being necessary to replace it when the time comes to obtain a correct operation of the equipment.

Main features:

  • Continuous use or with programmable timer for 8 hours
  • Built-in fan
  • Eliminates dust, odors, pollen, viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi
  • Increases the oxygen content in the air and produces negative ions
  • Coverage area: 30m2
  • Active carbon fiber deodorizing HEPA filter (PM 2.5)
  • Cotton filter to be used with essences as air freshener 
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Elegant and lightweight


1. Connect the power cord to the computer and the computer to a USB power adapter.

2. Plug the USB power adapter into the power outlet to start using the computer.

3. Press the top ON / OFF button to turn on the purifier. A ring of blue light will light up on the top and will thus remain working as long as the ON / OFF button is not pressed again.

4. Pressing the ON / OFF button a second time will access the 8-hour countdown mode. The blue light will dim and the purifier will turn off automatically after 8 hours.

5. Pressing the ON / OFF button again will turn off the appliance.

Data sheet
Power consumed
2 W
125 x 194mm
0.52 Kg
Continuous use or Programmable 8 hours
Up to 30m2
Anions function
Remote control
Touch screen
Anions emitted
5*10^6 pcs/m3
Portable use
2 years
Less than 32 dB
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