Micro Ozone Generator - Portable
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Mini ozone generator

Small ozone generator of 5 mg/h with 2 modes of operation. In Mode 1, we offer 30 minutes of continuous operation and in Mode 2, we work in 8-hour cycles with 2-minute stops every 10 minutes of work. Because of its small size it is perfect to carry in the pocket in different situations and to be used in coaches, small baths, zapateros, on the night table or any other place of reduced size that you want to disinfect or deodorize.

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This micro ozone generator works using air, high voltage and frequency to clean, disinfect and regenerate small rooms in our environment with ozone and negative ions. Ozone, thanks to its oxidizing capacity, is able to quickly eliminate different pathogens and undesirable elements from our environment such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and mites. This small equipment allows us to make permanent use of its technology by being able to carry it comfortably in different situations of our day to day (at the table where we are seated in bars and restaurants, in the car, at an office table, etc.). It also allows static use in different areas such as:

  • Fridge. It can be used to decompose unpleasant odors and better preserve our fruits and vegetables, fish and meat
  • Bathrooms. Eliminate bad odors and disinfect germs and pathogens
  • Shoe racks and cabinets. Decomposes formaldehyde and eliminates unwanted insects by suppressing odor
  • Small stays in general. Cleans and regenerates the air eliminating odors and all kinds of pathogens

Features of use and operation

  • One press to turn on and a long press to turn off
  • 2 adjustable modes of operation: Mode 1 with 30 'of continuous use and Mode 2 with operation in 8-hour cycles (10' of work and 2' of rest)
  • This small ozone generator works with a lithium battery and allows it to be easily charged in any electrical device that has a USB cable or a power socket
  • Its top cover is easily removable to be able to carry out a proper cleaning of the device
  • With led battery level indicator

Data sheet
Power consumed
0.4 W
0.1 Kg
Output O3
5 mg/h
Works with
Lithium battery
Anions emitted
5*10^5 pcs/m3
Work space
≤ 0,35m3
Shoe cabinet, fridge, car, closet...
2 years
Product uptime
15 hours straight
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