Ozone machine - 10.000 mg/h
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Ozone machine for car or business - 10.000 mg/h

Portable ozone generator of 10,000 mg/h to perform shock treatments in different internal spaces of up to 240m2. With manual timer for programming ozone cycles from 5 'to 60'. Ozone is an unstable gas that allows us to achieve effective disinfection and deodorization of all kinds of germs, pathogens ... in all types of businesses, premises and homes. According to the WHO, it is the most efficient disinfectant against viruses such as poliovirus or rotavirus. Ozone destroys the cell wall of viruses and bacteria by oxidation, causing its structure to be damaged and it escapes to the outside. Simple and ideal handling for businesses such as bars and restaurants, hospitals and clinics, hotels, car washes, gyms, etc. Certify CE, RoSH, FCC. 2 years warranty.

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The 10,000 mg/h portable ozone generator from EnO3 is characterized by its high capacity to perform punctual or shock disinfection with excellent results. This ozone cannon is ideal for fast, efficient and comfortable ozone treatment indoors since it is not necessary to carry out any previous installation for its start-up. Once the ozone treatment has been carried out, it does not leave toxic residues or chemical products in the environment since it decomposes into oxygen after several minutes. If you want to have the room immediately after the treatment, the windows or doors must be opened beforehand for at least 5 minutes. Ozone is an unstable and strongly oxidizing gas that captures electrons from other molecules with proven virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal effects.

Ozone degrades very quickly to its stable state, biatomic oxygen (faster in water than in air) while generating free oxygen atoms or free radicals, which are highly reactive and attack organic and inorganic structures ( as microorganisms). Its main mechanisms of biocidal action against microorganisms are the following:

  • According to the WHO, it is one of the most efficient disinfectants for all types of microorganisms, both single and multicellular. It oxidizes the cell wall and destroys it, getting its cellular constituents out of the structure.

  • Reacts with radical by-products of ozone decomposition (formaldehyde, bromate radicals, etc.).
  • It breaks the carbon-nitrogen bonds that lead to depolymerization.
  • It damages the purine and purimidine bases of nucleic acids.

One of the greatest advantages of ozone is that it has a high penetration or impact capacity, since, as it is a gas, it can expand in a closed space, reaching areas that could not be reached with other disinfection techniques. In this way, greater efficiency is achieved in the management of cleaning and disinfection by its users, its use being an important advantage as it offers more security and greater disinfection power.

Due to its characteristics and high disinfectant and deodorizing power, this equipment makes it highly recommended for use in nursing homes, hospitals and clinics of all kinds, restaurants and bars, spas and saunas, shops of all kinds, vehicles, study centers and nurseries, ships, homes, industrial companies, etc.

Highlight the high capacity of ozone (active oxygen) to enter the textile surfaces of any room or room (mattresses, curtains, sofas, rugs, carpets, etc.) and eliminate all kinds of pathogens or germs present there such as viruses, bacteria, mites and fungi. It also manages to completely deodorize their surfaces as well as unpleasant smells of tobacco, grease, food, sewers, urine and body odors, fishy odors, etc.

It is advisable to place the ozone cannon at a height of between 1.20 to 1.80 meters for the treatment to be more effective since ozone weighs more than air and tends to fall. The responsible use of ozone is highly recommended because it reduces the symptoms of various respiratory diseases such as asthma or allergies.

As a precaution, once the equipment is in operation, no people, animals or plants can be present. Once the treatment is finished, it is advisable to ventilate the area by opening doors and/or windows.

Data sheet
Power consumed
126 W
220v - 50Hz
303 x 204 x 184mm
3.8 Kg
Output O3
10.000 mg/h
Timer 0 to 60min
Up to 240m2
Anions function
Remote control
Touch screen
Portable use
2 years
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