Hydrogenated Water Generator
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Hydrogenated Water Generator

Electrolytic hydrogen generator with a capacity of 2 liters that brings great benefits to our health by eliminating the free radicals present in our cells, reducing cellular oxidation and consequently premature aging. The hydrogenated water generator has 4 hydrogenation functions, an automatic cleaning function and another to magnetize the water, thus improving its properties. It ensures that the hydrogen stays in the bottle for up to 72 hours. It has a mineralizing particle filter with natural stones that help regulate the PH of the water.

The formation of hydrogen is due to an electrolysis in water that allows to form negatively charged tonic hydrogen groups that inhibit this oxidation.

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Hydrogenated water generator that allows us to enrich water with hydrogen by separating oxygen and ozone by electrolysis and leaving only hydrogen in the water. This process is carried out by means of an electrode located at the base of the jug.

The electrolytic hydrogen generator also incorporates a Hydrogen water filter in its base that contains a perfect balance of various natural stones (BIO-BEADS). These natural stones (mineralizing pearls) are responsible for regulating the PH of the water, cleaning organic substances or chlorides present in it or assisting in its magnetization.

Hydrogen water machines bring great benefits to our body, as they use the same procedure with which nature purifies water, through movement, natural curves and energy vortices, it manages to add oxygen, minerals and energy. This makes it possible to endow water with very beneficial properties that will help people to have better health in their daily lives.

The best hydrogen water generator (EnO3 brand) appears as an innovative device that offers us the possibility of enjoying water richer in hydrogen and with a molecular structure in the form of a hexagon (just like the one we find in nature). It also reduces alkalinization, ORP or oxidation reduction potential and increases oxygen and minerals.

Water hydrogen generator - Functions

This electrolytic hydrogen generator, thanks to its 2 liter capacity, is ideal to have at home, in an office or in a restaurant, as several people can benefit from it having access to an unlimited supply of hydrogenated water that guarantees the necessary water intake.

With an avant-garde design and made with materials free from contaminants such as BPA (Bisphenol A), this alkaline water generator is also completely removable for easy cleaning and has a very functional multi-color LED screen. With its LED screen, you can control:

  • 2 hydrogenation functions: a standard 8 minutes to get lightly treated water and an extra 13 minutes that gives a greater amount of hydrogen to the water.
  • 1 magnetization function: the hydrogenator enters the oxygen production mode and neutralizes the heavy molecules in the water, causing them to sink to the bottom of the hydrogenator jug to be retained by the filter. This process is carried out by inserting a rotating magnet in the jug that generates a cyclone in the water (vortex) for 10 minutes in a countdown that channels it through the filter, eliminating organic matter, chlorides and balancing the PH.
  • 1 self-cleaning function: it is recommended to carry out every 10 uses with the jug half full to properly maintain the appliance and thus prolong its useful life.

Hydrogen water pitcher - How to use

To use the hydrogenated water generator correctly, it must be filled with low mineralized or previously purified water (ozone experts recommend using ozonized water). Once purified, the water is introduced into the jug to start its operation:

  • To start using the hydrogen pitcher, just follow the instructions below:
  • Let's press the ON/OFF button to activate the touch panel
  • With the magnetization button we will activate the water magnetization and mineralization and deep cleaning modes
  • With the standard hydrogenation button we will start an 8 minute hydrogen enrichment process
  • With the extra hydrogenation button we will start a longer hydrogen enrichment process of 13 minutes
  • With the Clean button, we will clean the machine completely
  • Once the power is turned off, the water can be consumed (up to 72 hours)

The hydrogen rich water generator does not work as a water purifier. Therefore, the most correct thing is to use water that is not very mineralized or previously purified or filtered for enrichment and to prolong the useful life of your electrodes. Using a portable ozone machine to pre-purify the water would be great.

This product includes:

  • Hydrogenated water generator with a capacity of 2 liters
  • Device base with digital control panel
  • Mineralizing filter
  • Current transformer
  • Warranty card
  • Product User Manual
Data sheet
Power consumed
15 W
100-240v - 50-60Hz
210 x 182 x 336mm
Jug dimensions
124 x 205 x 255mm
2.7 Kg
pH increase
0'4 - 0'6
TDS increase (Total Dissolved Solids)
0'6 ppm
TDS min - max
15 - 150 (recommended)
H2 dissolved
Up to 1200 ppb depending on water quality
Up to 750 mv depending on water quality
Recommended water type
Low mineralization, purified, osmotic waters (RO), 20-300ppmm Hardness max. 20Hº
Filter regulator
Natural mineral stones
2 L (total capacity) - 1.5 L (use capacity)
Temperature of the water to be treated
5ºC - 38ºC
Acoustic function
Emits an acoustic signal to warn of the end of the cycle
LED lighting
Timer 8 - 13 min
4 hydrogenated functions
Touch screen
BPA Free
2 years
UNE 149101 standard
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