Hydrogen Bottled Water
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Hydrogen Bottled Water

Hydrogen bottled water with a capacity of 500 ml that provides great benefits to our health, such as strengthening our defenses and helping to delay aging thanks to its great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power. Its engineered resin container is resistant to high temperatures, UV rays and shocks. The hydrogenated water bottle has fast charging via USB cable and lithium battery that allows simple and portable handling thanks to its LED-format touchscreen, in addition to chromotherapy during operation. The antioxidant power of hydrogen allows us to eliminate free radicals that are so harmful to our body caused by cellular oxidation.

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Very practical portable hydrogen bottled water for home and outside use. The best hydrogen water bottle (EnO3 brand) is ideal to always have it on hand to enjoy all its benefits in daily activities and exercises, such as at work, classes, personal training, travel, etc.

Mainly because it allows us to hydrogenate water in just 5 minutes.

The functioning of the water portable hydrogen generators is based on electrolysis to dissolve the water and form the ionic hydrogen groups that carry the negative charge. This process is carried out by an electrode located inside the base of the bottle that achieves a high production of hydrogen h2o.

The antioxidant hydrogen water will eliminate free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules produced by metabolism itself and by toxic external agents that cause cellular oxidation, the development of unwanted diseases and premature aging.

It has a touch panel on its base that informs us when the hydrogen bottle is carrying out electrolysis and also informs us about the state of charge of the battery.

The Hydrogen Water Machines bring great benefits to our body, or that make it possible to endow water with highly beneficial properties that will serve to help people to have a better health every day.

The hydrogen water generator bottle is easily removable for easy cleaning and offers chromotherapy in the water while hydrogenation is produced by electrolysis.

The food grade compound this portable hydrogenated water generator is made from is an engineering resin resistant to shock, radiation and ultraviolet light.

Hydrogen bottle - Operation

To start using the hydrogen rich water bottle for your consumption, just follow these steps:

  • Fill the bottle with 500ml of lightly mineralized water with the battery charged. It is capable of hydrogenating 25 liters of water with just one battery charge
  • Press the power button for 3 seconds
  • Wait for the water electrolysis cycle to be carried out for 5 minutes, moving the bottle from time to time to ensure uniform electrolysis of all the liquid
  • When the power is turned off, water can be consumed (recommended within 1 hour)

This portable hydrogen water generator is not a water purifier and the correct thing to do is to use water that is weakly mineralized or previously purified or filtered for its enrichment, therefore, using a home ozone machine for its pre-treatment would be very convenient.

Hydrogen health water bottle includes:

  • Hydrogen bottled water
  • Base with LED display, electrode, power adapter and touch switch
  • Bottle cap
  • Charger
  • Warranty card
  • Product User Manual
Data sheet
Power consumed
5 W
270 x 70mm
0.31 Kg
H2 dissolved
Up to 900 ppb depending on water quality
Up to 500 mv depending on water quality
Recommended water type
Low mineralization, purified, osmotic waters (RO), 20-300ppmm Hardness max. 20Hº
Temperature of the water to be treated
5ºC - 38ºC
Acoustic function
Emits an acoustic signal to warn of the end of the cycle
LED lighting
Timer 5 min
Works with
Lithium battery
Food grade ABS plastic - BPA Free - Rubber
2 years
Full load
1.000 mA/h aprox.
CC 5V/2A
UNE 149101 standard
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