Ultraviolet light with Ozone for disinfection
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Ultraviolet light - with Ozone for disinfection

UV lamp with ozone that allows to intelligently and effectively disinfect surfaces and air environments. It has an additional ozone emission of 200 mg / h and remote control. It destroys the DNA of viruses, bacteria, microbes and pathogens of all kinds.

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The UV-C ultraviolet lamp has a wavelength of 254nm and a great germicidal power, being able to break the DNA and RNA of bacteria, viruses, microbes, fungi and all kinds of pathogens. The ozone generating lamps available also emit 185nm UV light and generate ozone when in contact with oxygen in the air. This ozone generated by the UV lamp due to its oxidizing effect is a great disinfectant and deodorizer that in its gas state is capable of reaching the most inaccessible corners of the room that we want to treat. In this way, a double disinfectant effect is achieved due to the effect of ultraviolet radiation and the oxidative reaction of ozone.

The lamp tube is made of quartz glass and has an inert gas and mercury particles inside. By means of an electric arc that goes through the inert gas, the mercury vaporizes, thus emitting ultraviolet light.

This lamp achieves ultra-fast sterilization of different types of rooms depending on their square meters, being suitable for domestic or business use. It has a programmable "timer" from 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes and a remote control for greater comfort and to handle the lamp in complete safety. In addition, an acoustic alarm will indicate when it is safe to re-inhabit the room.

Rooms and offices (15-30m2) disinfects in 30'

Waiting rooms and lounges (30-60m2) disinfects them in 45'

Bathrooms and kitchens (10m2) get disinfected in 15'

This UV ozone disinfectant lamp is an environmentally friendly, low cost, very easy to use and highly effective disinfectant.

Instructions for use and safety

  • After turning on the lamp, stay away from the room (it has an acoustic warning device)
  • No people, animals or plants can be present at the time of disinfection
  • The room must be ventilated after disinfection for 20-30 minutes
  • Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause eye and skin damage
  • In places with a lot of traffic such as shops, schools, hotels, public transport, etc. daily disinfection is convenient
  • In private homes it is convenient to disinfect 2 to 4 times a week
Data sheet
Power consumed
50 W
200 x 140 x 32mm
1 Kg
Output O3
200 mg/h
Emission UV-C + O3
254nm + 185nm
Lamp type
AI Control
Yes - stay notice
10 to 60m2
Sterilization function
Surfaces - Air
Remote control
2 years
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