Ozone washing machine
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Ozone machine for water

Ozone washing machine is a system for cleaning and purifying water without detergents based on active oxygen (ozone). This system first magnetizes tap water and then mixes it with ozone, finally applying a treatment with ultraviolet light to clean and disinfect germs and pathogens that the water in our homes or businesses may contain. In the washing machine, you can do laundry without using any chemical product, thus saving you money and improving your health and well-being. This equipment is especially suitable for people who suffer from allergies or dermatitis (atopic skin). This ozonated water can also be used to clean and disinfect multiple surfaces. Ecological sustainability, savings, health and well-being in a single product.

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With this ozone generator for washing machines, water optimization is achieved in a multitude of uses. Ozone, being one of the most oxidizing agents, is considered the most powerful ecological disinfectant in the world, being able to destroy bacteria, fungi and germs of all types with a speed up to 600 times greater than chlorine (bleaches).

In this system, this technology was applied that allows to capture the water that arrives through an inlet and then magnetize it and load it with ozone. This ozonized water is administered through an outlet hose and is loaded with all the beneficial properties that ozone and an ultraviolet light treatment can provide, such as its cleaning, disinfectant, deodorant and regenerative capacity. That is why the results are excellent when washing clothes, as ozone (also called active oxygen) enters the fabrics and completely destroys dirt and bad odors, making these fibers softer and giving clothes a natural clean smell without any chemicals.

The main advantage of this water is that it is not abrasive to tissues or to our skin, on the contrary, what it does is regenerate and moisturize. For this reason, this system is also widely used installed directly in showers, jacuzzis, wells, bathtubs or any water system for hygienic or health, rest and well-being purposes. It is also especially suitable for moisturizing hair without the need for moisturizing masks or other similar lotions.

When installing ozone in the washing machine, it is highly recommended to include a "T" to obtain additional water outlet by installing a hose and a small tap. This water can be used directly for cleaning (washing the floor of the house or business, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces of all types), for watering plants by providing them with more nutrients and oxygen, brushing and whitening teeth, cleaning and disinfecting wounds, as mouthwash, for wound treatment, bad breath, for cooking or drinking. In short, we will have a permanent source of ozonized water for our own benefit, at no cost, which will help us live with a much better quality of life and provide us with daily well-being.

To all this we will add that we will hardly use chemical products (detergents or softeners required only to eliminate difficult stains) and we will not buy uncomfortable cleaning products, reducing this high cost in the domestic economy and reducing the use of plastics, thus contributing to the care of our environment environment and consequently the general well-being of the population.

The ozone system of the washing machine can be used with cold water with water up to 40 ° C, and will allow us to cold wash with excellent results, also allowing to save up to 25% in the electricity consumption of the house.

To purify drinking water, water is guaranteed without lime, chlorine or other pathogens, metals or sandy substances that may be present in the water to be treated. Once ozone has volatilized from water (approximately 20-30 '), it can be consumed perfectly without any ozone flavor in the water. People suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, allergies, dandruff, skin infections or atopic skin experience substantial improvement since their first contact with ozonized water and the continued use of this system becomes much more important and fundamental, remembering that it has no contraindications to health.

For the same reason, it can be used in several businesses to improve the quality of the products it offers or to guarantee the disinfection and cleaning of its facilities. For example, fishmongers can use this water to disinfect stainless steel cabinets and wash fish. In this way, it is possible to destroy the bacteria and keep the genus fresher and with less odor. Equally valid in businesses of all types, such as butchers, bars and restaurants, offices, etc.

Advantages of the Ozone Generator in water treatment:

  • Economy
  • Replaces the use of detergents and cleaning products
  • Wash with cold or hot water up to 40ºC.
  • 25% reduction in consumption on the electricity bill
  • Zero waste emission to the environment
  • Reduces the use of plastic packaging
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Makes the water 100% drinkable for your consumption
  • Offers all the benefits of ozone-treated water for your health

Data sheet
Power consumed
DC 12V 3A
367 x 277 x 89mm
1.9 Kg
Water Pressure - Minimum
40 psi ~100 psi
Temperature of the water to be treated
0ºC - 40ºC
Output O3
0.5 ~ 1.0 mg/L
Automatic with water pressure
On the wall or on the surface
2 years
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