Ozone Fridge
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Ozone Fridge

Ozone generator for fridge. Small portable equipment ideal for removing bacteria and bad odors from the fridge. Also suitable for toilets and shoe racks. Improves preservation and thus reduces spoilage of perishable products.

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This micro ozone generator is especially suitable for domestic use due to its small size and compact format. Mainly to place in the home refrigerator and eliminate all the unpleasant odors caused by stored products such as meat, fish, vegetables. Ozone, through its oxidizing power, destroys all germs such as bacteria, fungi and spores that may be present in food, causing them to deteriorate more quickly. With the ozone generator for fridge we also manage to consume the freshest food and avoid possible diseases caused by poor conservation of these and by harmful elements in suspension.

When it works, the ozone generator uses an intelligent microprocessor that emits 1 hour of ozone at startup and 5 minutes every 2 hours for months. It does not use chemicals.

Advantages of the Ozone generator for fridge

  • Improve the preservation of our stored products
  • Eliminate bad smells from the fridge without chemicals
  • Sanitizes and purifies the interior air of our refrigerator (asepsis)
  • Improves family health by avoiding non-conforming products
  • Savings on poorly preserved products that must later be discarded
  • Consumption of fresh and higher nutritional value products
  • No filters or installation or maintenance
  • Effective range: <500 liters
Data sheet
135 x 122 x 74mm
0.2 Kg
Output O3
15 ppm (operating on 40 liters)
Works with
4 - 1.5 V batteries (not included)
2 years
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