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Portable ozone machine - 600 mg/h

Ozonator with digital touch screen capable of generating 600 mg/h of ozone. Valid for disinfection of the air environment and surfaces. It also allows you to treat and purify water. Eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and all kinds of odors.

Ozone generator - with remote control - 400 mg/h

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Ozonator with 400 mg/h emission with 12 programs for ozone time (from 5´ to 60 ') with remote control. It also has a programmable anion emission function from 30 'to 24h. Purifies and disinfects naturally due to its germicidal power.

Ozone Machine for water and air

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400 mg/h emission domestic ozone machine with manual programming of up to 60 '. Complete disinfection of all types of bacteria, viruses, mites and fungi. With water purification and disinfection function to improve family well-being.
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Ozone generator for house - 400 mg/h

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Small size domestic ozone generator that emits 400 mg/h of ozone with manual programming up to 30'. Multifunctional for air and water. Purifies water and removes odors and all kinds of bacteria, viruses and pathogens from the air and surfaces.

Ozone Fridge

Ozone generator for fridge. Small portable equipment ideal for removing bacteria and bad odors from the fridge. Also suitable for toilets and shoe racks. Improves preservation and thus reduces spoilage of perishable products.
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Home ozone machine - 600 mg/h

Ozone generator that emits 600 mg/h of ozone with manual programming up to 60'. Multifunctional for air and water with emission of anions. Purifies water, removes odors and all kinds of bacteria, viruses and pathogens from the air and surfaces.

Ozone machine for water

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Ozone washing machine is a system for cleaning and purifying water without detergents based on active oxygen (ozone). This system first magnetizes tap water and then mixes it with ozone, finally applying a treatment with ultraviolet light to clean and disinfect germs and pathogens that the water in our homes or businesses may contain. In the washing machine, you can do laundry without using any chemical product, thus saving you money and improving your health and well-being. This equipment is especially suitable for people who suffer from allergies or dermatitis (atopic skin). This ozonated water can also be used to clean and disinfect multiple surfaces. Ecological sustainability, savings, health and well-being in a single product.
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UV Air purifier

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It purifies the air in homes and businesses with 5 filter intensities and 4 filter levels: pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter and germicidal ultraviolet lamp. With air purity indicator. It can be programmed up to 24 hours and has a negative ion function to eliminate the static caused by electronic devices and offer comfort and well-being similar to that achieved in natural environments. It is essential for people with allergies, respiratory problems of all kinds, asthma or COPD. Due to its high efficiency filter (PM 2.5) capable of eliminating up to 99.99% of harmful particles, this air purifier prevents people from being infected with viruses and bacteria in indoor environments through aerosols.

Ultraviolet light - with Ozone for disinfection

UV lamp with ozone that allows to intelligently and effectively disinfect surfaces and air environments. It has an additional ozone emission of 200 mg / h and remote control. It destroys the DNA of viruses, bacteria, microbes and pathogens of all kinds.
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Hydrogenated Water Generator

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Electrolytic hydrogen generator with a capacity of 2 liters that brings great benefits to our health by eliminating the free radicals present in our cells, reducing cellular oxidation and consequently premature aging. The hydrogenated water generator has 4 hydrogenation functions, an automatic cleaning function and another to magnetize the water, thus improving its properties. It ensures that the hydrogen stays in the bottle for up to 72 hours. It has a mineralizing particle filter with natural stones that help regulate the PH of the water.
The formation of hydrogen is due to an electrolysis in water that allows to form negatively charged tonic hydrogen groups that inhibit this oxidation.
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Ozone generator for car or business - 3500 mg/h

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Portable ozone generator of 3500mg/h to carry out punctual or shock disinfections in different internal spaces of up to 120m2. It has a manual timer for programming cycles from 5 'to 60'. It deodorizes all types of environments and disinfects viruses, bacteria, fungi, mites, prions and other pathogens due to its great oxidizing effect capable of turning contaminated environments into decontaminated, oxygenated and breathable. Small in size, with a handle for comfortable transport between rooms. Perfect for disinfecting small businesses such as bars, restaurants and hotels, fishmongers, greengrocers, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, homes, vehicles of all kinds, etc. It has CE, ROHS, FCC certificates and a 2 year warranty.
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Ozone machine for car or business - 10.000 mg/h

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Portable ozone generator of 10,000 mg/h to perform shock treatments in different internal spaces of up to 240m2. With manual timer for programming ozone cycles from 5 'to 60'. Ozone is an unstable gas that allows us to achieve effective disinfection and deodorization of all kinds of germs, pathogens ... in all types of businesses, premises and homes. According to the WHO, it is the most efficient disinfectant against viruses such as poliovirus or rotavirus. Ozone destroys the cell wall of viruses and bacteria by oxidation, causing its structure to be damaged and it escapes to the outside. Simple and ideal handling for businesses such as bars and restaurants, hospitals and clinics, hotels, car washes, gyms, etc. Certify CE, RoSH, FCC. 2 years warranty.