Ozone Generators for Swimming Pools

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Since the 1950s, ozone has been used in Europe as a disinfection element for swimming pools, replacing chlorine and bromine, since it has a sterilization power up to 3,000 times higher than that of chlorine and, unlike these, it does not leave chemical residual of any type because within a few minutes it decomposes into free oxygen. For this reason, with an ozone generator for swimming pools, the use of these harmful chemicals can be reduced by up to 95%, thus preventing the formation of by-products that are very harmful to health due to their carcinogenic effect such as chloramines or trihalomethanes. Another very remarkable effect of the use of ozone in the water of a swimming pool or a spa is that it eliminates unpleasant odors and the turbidity of the water, obtaining pure and clear water like that of a spring.

The antiseptic properties of ozone are known and that it is the second most oxidizing agent after fluorine, so that in milliseconds it destroys algae, protozoa, fungi, spores and bacteria, inactivates viruses and oxidizes organic and inorganic pollutants in swimming pool water.

The effect is evident at low concentrations (0.01 ppm) and during very short exposure periods. From all this, a series of important benefits and advantages arise when disinfecting swimming pools with ozone compared to other more traditional chemical methods such as the addition of chlorine or bromine to the water.

Benefits of ozone pool treatment

  • Elimination of up to 95% of chemicals and unwanted byproducts formed by chlorine or bromine.
  • Collaterally, positive effects are achieved on the well-being of users by avoiding skin irritation, redness of the eyes, inflammation or pain in the ears, irritation of the mucous membranes or strong.
  • It does not leave chemical residual in the water, therefore the water has no taste and not only does not give off bad odors, but it also eliminates them and improves the quality of the ambient air in the pool.
  • It does not damage pipes, filters or the lining of the pool or spa.
  • It avoids the characteristic “swimming pool smell” caused by the reaction of chlorine or bromine with microbiological contamination of the water, especially that of faecal origin.
  • Instantly disinfects bacteria, viruses and parasites of all kinds, avoiding any contagion.
  • Excessive ozone dosing in the pool is not harmful
  • The ozone water in the pool has therapeutic properties for the skin, hair and breath of bathers.
  • The treatment leaves the water clean and clear like a spring
  • It is a powerful anti-algae and flocculant that binds the colloidal substances in water and thus eliminates its turbidity.
  • It oxidizes the inorganic pollutants responsible for the color of the water. Water becomes more transparent by removing iron, manganese, and sulfur.
  • It is the most ecological solution not having any impact on the environment.
  • Leaves no odor on skin or textiles. Does not discolor textiles (swimsuits, towels, etc.)
  • Very economical in its operation as it does not need consumables or constant handling or maintenance costs.
  • Easy installation of the pool ozone by introducing a Bypass type Venturi injector in the water pipe that comes from the pump.
  • It acts as a coagulator by increasing the performance of the sand filter and activated carbon.
  • Great economy of water and water and heating in the heated pools. Injecting ozone into the pool water means fewer water changes are required.

Ozonator for swimming pool - Rilize

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Ozone generators for swimming pools Rilize manufactured in Spain and finished in stainless steel with an ozone production from 1000 mg/h to 8000 mg/h. Due to their high oxidizing power, they reduce the use of chemicals in the water by up to 95%, providing extreme clarity in the water without adverse health effects by not generating chemical residues. Its scope of coverage covers sizes of pools, spas or spas from 50m3 to 600m3, perfectly adapting to both private and public use. The ozonators for swimming pools include all the accessories for a simple and correct installation in PVDF (anti-ozone) material. Micro-bubble venturi, filter drier, anti-return valve and 6mm diameter fitting. With a 3-year warranty on the equipment and unlimited on its transformer.