In this section you will find various accessories for our products from brands such as Vida 10 and EnO3 to make it much easier to continue enjoying the benefits they provide us. 


Filter for UV Air purifier

Replacement of total filter plus 360º composed of a triple phase filter system. It has a pre-filter to remove dust, hair and pollen. An activated carbon filter to filter gases, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a high performance HEPA filter to retain small, finer particles. This filter allows to trap 99.99% of harmful particles and prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria through the air, protecting against infections.


Filter - Small Air Purifier

Hepa filter replacement that allows filtering fine particles (PM 2.5) and formaldehydes. Eliminates bad odors, pollen, dust, smoke, volatile organic compounds, toxic bacteria, viruses, etc.

Hydrogen Water Filter

Replacement filter for BIO-BEADS Hydrogen water generator designed with an easy cleaning system only by water rinses. This mineralizing magnetic filter is composed of 100% natural mineral stones (bio-pearls) that help regulate the PH of the water and eliminate organic matter and chlorides from it thanks to its magnetic system. This filter has a very long life and does not need to be replaced frequently except for breakages or visible wear due to its use.

Ozone diffuser stones and flexible silicone tubes

Las Ozone diffuser stones are an essential accessory to obtain the maximum performance of a multifunctional ozone generator. This product is made up of 2 flexible silicone tubes and 2 diffuser stones, one gray for water and the other white conical for oil and creams. With the use of these porous or volcanic stones we can use the ozone generated in the machine to disperse it in the water and thus obtain a series of important benefits for our health such as the purification of the water or the sanitization and disinfection of the food. Other treatments of note with the use of ozone diffusing stones are related to sterilization of multiple objects and utensils, to care with personal hygiene or to healing of injuries and / or bodily injuries.

Accessory kit - Ozone treatment for water

Accessory kit for ozone generators for water treatment that incorporates:
Faucet (Spray) in stainless steel
1.2 meter water hose
Faucet support
Set of fixing screws